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Halloween Ends trailer teases Michael and Laurie’s last showdown

A new Halloween Ends trailer has arrived and it teases the final battle between slasher killer Michael Myers and the long-suffering Laurie Strode

Michael Myers and Laurie Strode in Halloween Ends

A new Halloween Ends trailer has arrived, and it teases the final battle between slasher killer Michael Myers, and his long-suffering victim Laurie Strode. As the Halloween franchise prepares to come to an end (for now), this new footage from the horror movie gives us the best idea yet as to what the conclusion to David Gordon Green’s trilogy will entail.

The Halloween movies began way back in 1978, and the franchise has delivered multiple sequels since, with a rather confusing timeline established over the years. When David Gordon Green took over, his 2018 effort effectively retconned the Halloween universe, acting as a direct sequel to John Carpenter’s original classic.

The Halloween Ends release date may be set for October 2022, but the arrival of this new trailer basically marks the beginning of spooky season if you ask us! By the looks of things, we’re set for an action-packed final chapter to this trilogy, with the terrifying thriller movie seemingly full of scares, screams, and a resolution to the longest-running feud in horror movie history.

The trailer opens with a POV sequence and heavy breathing, as we follow Michael on his path to Laurie. Luckily, she’s ready and waiting for him, gun in hand, clearly eager to finish this once and for all.

The subsequent struggle between the predator and his prey looks like it could get pretty gnarly, with Laurie’s hand nearly making its way into the waste disposal unit, and the classic knife making an appearance once again.

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Halloween Ends will pick up where the previous instalment, Halloween Kills, left off. Laurie’s daughter, Karen, was killed by Michael at the end of that movie, so it’s down to the iconic final girl and her granddaughter, Allyson, to finally bring down the menace of Haddonfield.

Halloween Ends will be released on October 14, 2022.