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Stranger Things fan theory explains how Eddie Munson could return

Eddie Munson, played by Joseph Quinn, quickly became a fan favourite in Stranger Things season 4 — and some are suggesting how he could return

Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson in Stranger Things season 4

Eddie wake up! I don’t like this! That was the exact reaction of millions of Stranger Things fans when their new favourite white boy of the month, Eddie Munson, ended up meeting his tragic maker after just one season in Stranger Things.

The charming 20-year-old Hellfire Club president, high school student, and metalhead found his way into the hearts of not just Dustin, but the rest of the gang — so they were naturally devestated when he ended up sacrificing himself in order to give our rag-tag gang of kids time to escape.

But is Eddie, played by Joseph Quinn in the Netflix series, really gone for good? According to a member of popular subreddit r/FanTheories, which boasts 1.6 million followers, there may be hope for our favourite Metallica fan popping up in Stranger Things season 5 after all. ” Number One was given the name Vecna by the main protagonists of the story because of his similarity with the character from Dungeons and Dragons,” the Redditor explained. “In D&D, Vecna had a servant called Kas who betrayed him. Kas attempted to kill Vecna and take his power by cutting off Vecna’s left hand and stabbing him in the left eye. Kas wielded a magical sword gifted to him by Vecna.”

But, in the show, the Vecna still has his left hand and eye, as the Redditor points out.  “In D&D Kas is an immortal vampire and a warrior,” he added.

“So here’s my theory. We know that the Upside Down changes people. The organism inside the Upside Down infects everything it comes into contact with, and we know that it’s a hive mind. Since the team didn’t kill Vecna he’s still in the Upside Down with Eddie’s body. Eddie also died after being bled dry by bats. How do you create a vampire again?” he asked.

“I think that Vecna will find Eddie’s body either dead or half dead and he will infect him just like how he was infected by the Upside Down, and Eddie will change becoming not a supernatural vampire, but something similar,” the user theorised.

“Eventually, with Eddie’s new life he will gain his free will and resist Vecna just like Kas from D&D, as a character Kas can be called upon for help in-game, so too will Eddie help the protagonists of Stranger Things. Eddie also has tattoos of bats on his arm in the show, I think this is a clue to next season, foreshadowing his return as a new being with a new life, like the vampire warrior Kas who fought against Vecna. ”

What do you think? Stranger Things is now available to stream on Netflix.