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Bruce Willis revisited Die Hard’s Nakatomi Plaza for 34th anniversary

Bruce Willis recently paid a visit to Nakatomi Plaza from Die Hard, one of his most iconic action movies, to celebrate its 34th anniversary

Bruce Willis in Die Hard

Bruce Willis decided to go back one of old haunts recently, an iconic location from one of his best movies. To mark the 34th anniversary of Die Hard, one of the greatest action movies ever made, Willis popped by Nakatomi Plaza, where the film is set.

His visit was captured by a short video from Emma Heming Willis. Willis atop the roof of the Nakatomi is followed by a collage of scenes featuring John McClane, Willis’s character. In the thriller movie, John’s a beat cop from New York City visiting his estranged wife in Los Angeles when terrorists led by Alan Rickman’s Hans Gruber take the building in an attempted robbery.

John becomes the last line of defence, and armed with little more than his wits, he manages to stop the assault. He ends up on the rooftop towards the end, where his climactic showdown with Hans happens. As such, being back up there after over three decades must’ve been intense for Willis, reliving all those memories and thinking about his career.

Die Hard celebrated its 34th birthday on July 15 this year – yes, one of the best Christmas movies originally came out during the summer. John McTiernan directed it, right on the trot of making horror movie Predator. He was a run in the ’80s!

Willis recently announced that he’s retiring from acting, following a diagnosis of aphasia. Now that he’s off film sets for good, he might be heading back to the places where he made his biggest hits. Or maybe he was just in the neighbourhood! Either way, it’s a nice video, and reminder of the incredible legacy Die Hard and its sequels.

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