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Thor: Love and Thunder brings back Fake Thor for Old Spice advert

Chris Hemsworth isn't the only Asgardian God making a comeback. Fake Thor has been revived for a series of hilarious Old Spice commercials

Chris Hemsworth isn’t the only Hemsworth reprising the role of the Asgardian God, Thor, for the MCU. Ahead of the theatrical release of the Marvel movie Thor: Love and Thunder, the actor’s brother, Luke Hemsworth, is back as “Fake Thor” –in a series of Old Spice Commercials.

Fake Thor was first introduced in the 2017 Taika Waititi movie Thor: Ragnarok. In the fantasy movie, Hemsworth played a version of Thor during a play put on by Loki (Tom Hiddleston). Old Spice posted the hilarious advert that saw the character back in action as a Thor impersonator and posted a Tweet with the caption: “Smell like a God. Or the next best thing, an actor playing a God. Smell like Actor Thor with Old Spice Dry Spray.”

In the full video clip, Luke Hemsworth is filmed as if we are watching a tongue-in-cheek mockumentary. In the video, the actor goes on to jokingly speak about what it is like playing the part of Thor, and calling the experience “electrifying.”

You can see the full Old Spice advert below:

YouTube Thumbnail

The Thor impersonator bit even goes as far to hilariously comment on how similar he and the real Asgardian are. “A lot of people think me and him look like brothers, cousins maybe,” Hemsworth says on the set of the ad before a prop Mjolnir dangling on a string lowers just out of reach.

Fake Thor’s resurgence comes just ahead of Thor: Love and Thunder – the fourth Thor movie in the franchise – hits cinemas on July 7 in the UK and July 8 in the US. Only time will tell if Fake Thor appears again in the upcoming flick as well.

But while we wait to find out that particular answer, at least we can all “smell like an actor playing a God” in the meantime.