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Tom Hanks doesn’t understand why Tim Allen isn’t in Lightyear

Tom Hanks' movie Elvis is in theatres at the moment, opposite Pixar's Lightyear, but he's disappointed not to be going head-to-head with Tim Allen

Toy Story movies in order

Tom Hanks is currently celebrating the release of Elvis, which is doing nicely at the box office, alongside big boys like Top Gun: Maverick, Jurassic World: Dominion, and now Minions: The Rise of Gru. But there’s one movie out in theatres that Hanks might have more of a vested interest in – and that’s Pixar’s Lightyear, which is a kind of prequel (maybe? we don’t even know anymore) to the Toy Story franchise.

Hanks was asked by CinemaBlend about going head-to-head with Lightyear in cinemas, and he responded; “How about that? I actually wanted to go head-to-head with Tim Allen and then they didn’t let Tim Allen do it. I don’t understand that.”

He followed this up with; “Here’s the thing – as long as people come back to the motion picture theatre. I want to go back in the theatre with a bunch of strangers and leave with something in common. That’s what I want to do and, going to see a movie with him [Allen] – I’m looking forward to that.”

The first Toy Story movie, released way back in 1995 was the first Pixar feature film, and the first ever computer-animated movie. It has spawned three sequels – released in 1999, 2010, and 2019 – and made a combined $3.2 billion at the box office.

Lightyear has drawn criticism for having a confusing concept – as it’s apparently the movie that Andy watched, which made him want the tie-in toy for his birthday. It was the first Pixar movie to be released in theatres since the start of the pandemic, with Soul, Luca, and Turning Red all going straight to Disney Plus.

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