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The Boys – What happened to Maeve?

The Boys season 3 saw a lot of lives get turned upside down, here's what happened to Maeve in the series finale. Warning spoilers!

The Boys cast: Dominique McElligott as Queen Maeve

What happened to Maeve in The Boys finale? Well, season 3 of The Boys has been and gone and what a series it’s been. We’ve seen Hughie and Billy become addicted to a drug that gave them superpowers, Homelander went completely off the deep end, and The Deep literally f*cked an octopus.

Still, one character whose story seemed to come to an end was Queen Maeve. Introduced in the very first episode of the sci-fi series Maeve – The Boy’s Wonder Woman allegory – has been on quite a journey. She started as a despondent alcoholic who barely tolerated her teammates, but slowly she found her strength, eventually helping The Boys put a leash on Homelander.

Unfortunately, in season 3, Homelander snapped that leash when he stopped giving a sh*t about how he was perceived. After that, Maeve disappeared, with Vought claiming she’d gone to rehab. So what happened to Maeve in The Boys season 3? Does she reappear in the finale? Here’s everything you need to know. Warning spoilers!

What happened to Maeve?

In the final moments of The Boys season, 3 all seemed lost. Even the combined might of Homelander and a super-powered Billy Butcher wasn’t enough to stop Soldier Boy, who seemed ready to blow, killing everyone in Vought Tower.

Before the veteran hero blew the tower sky-high, the day was saved by Queen Maeve, who had actually been imprisoned in the Vought basement. Why was she held there? Well, Homelander wanted to use her eggs to create a perfect child, gross we know.

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Maeve grabbed Soldier Boy and leapt out of the nearest window. As the pair plummeted to the ground, Soldier Boy exploded, seemingly killing Maeve, causing huge damage to Vought Tower, but sparing our heroes.
Following Soldier Boy’s attack, Vought made Maeve into a martyr and gave her credit for saving the day. It was revealed, however, that Maeve had, in fact, survived the explosion, although she no longer has superpowers, and had reunited with her girlfriend, Elena.

How did Maeve survive?

It seems as though, for whatever reason, Soldier Boy’s blast is not deadly to supes; it simply robs them of their powers. Presumably, this is because when the explosion hits them, they’re technically still super-powered and are therefore durable enough to shake off the worst effects of the blast.

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With the Compound V in her blood neutralised, however, Maeve no longer has her great strength or healing abilities. So that’s why when we see her in the closing moments of episode 8, she looks so banged up.