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Magic Mike 3 has Channing Tatum doing a lap dance

Channing Tatum has teased that his upcoming thriller movie Magic Mike 3 will feature him doing a full on lap-dance for the first time

Channing Tatum in Magic Mike

We’re all excited for Magic Mike 3, with Channing Tatum’s epic return to the world of pole-dancing and stripping. He’s been taking up some of what we can expect from the thriller movie, and let’s just say it sounds like a good time.

“You’ve seen me dance onstage, but you’ve never seen me give an intimate, straight-up one-on-one lap dance. That’s definitely going to be in the third one,” Tatum told Entertainment Tonight. “I have a pretty crazy dance that opens the movie. We kick it off on a pretty strong level and then at the end, I might do a version of the water dance in the show. There’s a splash zone in the movie, so it’s a for real thing.”

That last part’s a reference to the Magic Mike stage show, suggesting the upcoming drama movie directed by Steven Soderbergh will take nods from how the property has expanded. Magic Mike has enjoyed residencies all around the world, and merging the audiences for something even more spectacular is not a bad idea by any stretch.

Magic Mike’s Last Dance is the third film in the series. Right now, we don’t know much about it, but Salma Hayek is in the cast with Tatum, and Soderbergh is back to direct after handling the first one.

Magic Mike became a phenomenon in 2012, stage productions springing up int he wake of its depiction of male stripping. Our Jakob Barnes wrote about how men shouldn’t be afraid to watch Magic Mike, as it challenges pre-conceived notions of masculinity.

Tatum’s been reflecting on the journey thus far. “We didn’t even know we were going to do a live show during the first movie and then we ended up doing it in Vegas,” he explains. “We made this show that we all fell in love with and we were just like, ‘We got to do a tour in America that isn’t a residency in a fixed place. We want to bring it to everyone, you know, all over America ’cause it’s medicine. It’s medicine for the soul.”

We don’t have a release date for Magic Mike 3, but we’ll keep you updated.