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You can watch Morbius on a Game Boy Color now because why not

There's so many ways to enjoy Morbius, including the movie now being watchable on a Game Boy Color, but sadly, we still don't want to watch it

Jared Leto as Michael Morbius in Morbius, with a Game Boy in his hand

Despite Sony’s best efforts and a phenomenal wave of hilarious memes, Morbius is quite simply a flop. Don’t believe the rumours, the MCU movie didn’t actually make Morbillions at all, and even being released in cinemas twice didn’t do it any favours. But, you can now watch the superhero horror movie on a Game Boy Color, which may just pique our interest.

Morbius, starring Jared Leto as the titular vampyric MCU character, was released in March 2022, after years of delays due to production issues and the pandemic. The movie is not good, with our Morbius review calling it a “failure in the fundamentals of filmmaking,” but Morbius has been firmly in the public sphere for months now. Unfortunately for Sony though, we are laughing at Morbius, not with it.

Despite bombing at the box office, more and more people have been watching Morbius since its home release on streaming services, suggesting there is an audience for it somewhere. Now, tech whiz Wulff Den has uploaded a video to his YouTube channel where he has managed to get Morbius on a Game Boy Color.

We won’t go into the incredibly detailed process that went into putting the movie onto a Game Boy Color cartridge, because quite frankly, it all sounds way too complicated and technical. Even Wulff Den himself sounds like he regrets the decision.

“Just kill me,” he said, staring blankly at a screen of coding. The end product isn’t exactly the best quality, due to the immense compression of the original file size to get it on the tiny games console, but the fact that someone has managed it is impressive nonetheless.

YouTube Thumbnail

“Now you can continue your Morbing even when you’re out of the house and away from your VHS player,” Wulff Den exclaimed. So you see, there really is no escaping it. Dread it, run from it, it’s Morbin’ time all the same.