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Shocking Star Wars behind-the-scenes clip reveals that R2D2 was a diva

A shocking and upsetting behind-the-scenes clip of the Star Wars prequels reveals that R2D2 was an unprofessional diva on set who hated Ewan McGregor

R2D2 Star Wars

A shocking behind-the-scenes clip from the filming of the Star Wars prequels has been unearthed and bravely shared on Twitter, which reveals that R2D2 had beef with both George Lucas and Ewan McGregor, was unprofessional and kept forgetting his lines, and liked a little too much oil.

The first person to speak in the clip is stunt coordinator Nick Gillard who says that R2D2 fluffed his line in a scene with Obi-Wan – he was beeping when he should have been booping; “and thought none of us would notice.” A voiceover – seemingly from trailer voice man – says; “The incident with Obi-Wan – played by Scottish actor Ewan McGregor – was symptomatic of a deeper problem.”

Samuel L Jackson, who plays Mace Windu says; “If he had his way, he’d have Ewan’s part and I think Ewan kind of knows that.” Gillard comes back and says; “The other day he said ‘out my way, you Scottish wanker’ to Ewan.” George Lucas himself then has to speak up; “R2 has changed. He’s not the same droid. He was actually quite humble when I found him.”

McGregor then gets a chance to tell his side of the story; “He slags off the other actors, I know that he always always slags off George.” Trailer voice man says; “As time went on, the problems deepened.” Lucas says; “Sometimes he comes to set and can’t even remember who he is.” McGregor says; “There’s been a rumour that he likes a drink.” Jackson says; “I think there are times that he – you know – might use a little too much oil.” A shocking clip of R2 falling over on set is shown, with his head popping off and rolling along the forest floor. That little droid sure hit rock bottom during the prequels.

It brings us no pleasure to report these findings, of course, but it’s time the people knew the truth. You can watch the upsetting clip for yourself in the tweet below;

Who knows what C3PO had to deal with on that set? We’re sure that he bravely supported his friend through his troubles. This probably explains why the R2D2 Disney Plus show will be animated.

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