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Disney’s new cruise has a $5,000 Star Wars cocktail, internet explodes

There's a $5,000 cocktail based on Star Wars on the new Disney Wish cruise, and fans have been tearing the beverage apart on social media

Mark Hamill in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

We’ve all picked up some extortionate tabs. The kind that makes your eyes pop when you see just how much someone spent on a Margarita or whiskey and coke. Imagine getting one that had $5,000 for one cocktail – that’s what a new Star Wars-themed drink costs on the Disney Wish cruise.

A number of reporters and members of press were recently invited to check the cruise, which has sections dedicated to the MCU as well as a galaxy far, far away. Ashley Carter, a journalist with Spectrum News 13, put up a video of a Star Wars cocktail that’ll set you back five grand if you fancy trying it.

Her clip isn’t just of the glass either – it shows the ritual to get the beverage. See, it’s served in a special container, like a Kaiburr Crystal, and you’ve to press a button to release it and it’s all futuristic. To be fair, it’s quite cool, but $5,000 cool? That’s a stretch, and the internet at large isn’t too impressed either.

Replies and quote-tweets to Carter’s video express various levels of befuddlement. “Bruh this drink better give me the Force or something,” said one Twitter user. “That stuff better make me Force sensitive if it’s gonna cost me $5,000,” says another.

Carter followed by stating, despite multiple enquiries, nobody on the cruise would confirm the ingredients of the ‘Kaiburr Crystal’, as it’s named. It’s likely a particular whiskey or other spirit is what’s driving up the price, as certain bottles can stretch into the thousands very easily.

A screenshot of the menu has the drink labelled as “The galaxy’s rarest and valuable [sic] cocktail”. We’ll probably stick to the pints and soft drinks.

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