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Encanto star hints at Disney movie’s next “amazing phase”

Given the explosive success of Disney movie Encanto, we hoped to see more of the Madrigals in the future — and now Dolores star Adassa has confirmed it

encanto future

Animated movie Encanto was an unprecedented success for Disney, with the Disney movie garnering a dedicated fanbase, breaking several records and the infamous song, ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ becoming a chart-topping hit.

So, it’s no surprise that Disney is hoping to expand Encanto into further projects, with singer Adassa, who plays super-hearing Dolores in the musical, revealing as much in a recent Instagram live stream. “While Encanto is preparing for its next amazing phase, I am on tour,” she revealed. But what exactly does this new phase entail,

Encanto follows the magical Madrigal family, who, as well as living in a magical house, all have supernatural powers like shape-shifting, super-strength, and the ability to talk to animals. The only person who doesn’t have powers is teenager Mirabel — who steps up to save her home along with exiled uncle Bruno after it begins to lose its magic and her family begins to lose their powers. Along the way, however, the Madrigals must confront their own shortcomings and repair old familial wounds.

Jared Bush, one of the directors of Encanto, previously said on Twitter that there would be more Encanto content — but only because of the support of the movie’s fanbase. “I’m asked a LOT if there’ll be more Encanto – movies, TV, theatre, etc,” he wrote.

“I’ll say this, it was always our dream, but the real deciders are the fans who found themselves in this story, who saw their family in ours, who chose to spend time with the Madrigals… and want to again.”

Given fans’ excitement over Adassa’s soft confirmation on more Encanto online, I think they’ve made their views loud and clear. Encanto is now available to stream on Disney Plus.