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Pokémon is doing life-sized plushies now and they’re so cute

If you ever wanted to live with a Pokémon, this may be the closest you can get as you can now buy life-sized plushies based on the cute creatures

Spheal in Pokémon

We’re pretty sure it’s every child’s dream to live with a Pokémon, and the various critters from the animated series sure would make great roommates (or at least some of them would). Now, you can actually purchase life-sized plushies of the cute creatures, and we’re going to need to catch ’em all!

Pokémon started life as a card game, before spawning an insanely popular anime series, as well as multiple animated movies. The phenomenon of Pokémon began in the ‘90s, and has shown no signs of slowing down since, with new characters introduced to the franchise, and the success of Pokémon Go helping to take the fun to new levels when it launched in 2016.

The augmented reality game brought the loveable little monsters closer to our world than ever before, but now, thanks to PokéJungle (or Meccha JP if you’re outside of Japan), you’ll be able to have a full-sized Poké friend in your house. The retailers are producing huge plushies based on the characters of the show, starting with Spheal.

Merchandise based on Pokémon has always been a sure-fire hit, and we can see this latest venture being very popular. The ice-type Pokémon will be the first to get the plushie treatment, but it’s likely that others will follow.

Now, the plushies are pretty expensive, so get saving your pennies. It looks like the Spheal plushie will cost $360, but judging by the pictures, you’re paying for a genuine life-sized recreation of the adorable little Poké-buddy.

We can’t wait to hopefully have the chance to own a huge Bulbasaur or Charmander one day. Although, we hope they don’t make a Gengar, because no one needs that kind of evil in their home!

A perfect addition to the bed-sized Snorlax plushie! For more from your favourite furry friends, take a look at our best Pokémon movies list.