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Wesley Snipes did Blade for kung-fu and Shaft fans

Wesley Snipes has been discussing the original inspiration behind 1998's Blade, which included martial arts, kung-fu and Shaft 'for the homeboys'

Wesley Snipes in Blade

Wesley Snipes has been talking to ComicBookMovie.com about The Exiled – a graphic novel that he has co-written with Keith Arem – that will potentially be turned into a movie. The Exiled is a Blade Runner-style tale of a futuristic detective. While discussing the book, Snipes was inevitably asked about 1998’s Blade, in which Snipes plays a vampire hunter.

Snipes said; “In the beginning, my motivation for doing the first Blade project was to have fun and to do something I knew my homeboys and homegirls would absolutely love. The ones from the martial arts world. The ones from the Shaft world, and the ones who love kung-fu and all that [Laughs]. We knew that would be attractive to that niche audience, but I had no idea it would have broader appeal.”

“However, it was a good lesson. It taught us what was possible. A lot of things we didn’t imagine because we didn’t have the technical tools at the time, but we have them now. It’s a great time for us and I’m giddy over the possibility of the potential of doing some of the things we had imagined with the tools we now have available with this particular project.”

Blade was written by David S. Goyer and directed by Steven Norrington and it made $130 million at the box office. It spawned a sequel directed by Guillermo del Toro in 2002 (which made $155 million), and a third film, Blade: Trinity in 2004 directed by Goyer.

A reboot starring Mahershala Ali and directed by Bassam Tariq is on the way – which will bring Blade into the MCU. In fact, some fans have pointed out that the MCU wouldn’t exist without Blade.

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