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Thor 4 star Jaimie Alexander wants Lady Sif series with Beta Ray Bill

Lady Sif was a prominent character in the Thor movies, and her actor, Jaimie Alexander, is now hoping to get the spin-off series treatment

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Lady Sif’s (albeit brief) return in Thor 4 sets up a difficult future for the MCU character — but actor Jaimie Alexander has shared her own ideas about where Lady Sif’s story can go next on her Instagram page.

In an Instagram post depicting illustrations of Lady Sif in the comics, Alexander wrote, “If Lady Sif had a series, what would YOU like to see? I’m loving some Beta Ray Bill. What do you think Walter Simonson?” Walter Simonson was the lead writer and artist for the Thor comic books between 1983 and 1987, with his comics being widely considered to be one of the greatest runs of Thor ever.

During his run, he created the character Beta Ray Bill, who first appeared in The Mighty Thor #337 in 1983. Part of a humanoid race called the Korbinites, Beta Ray Bill was the last surviving member of his kind. He initially had a rivalry with Thor, stealing Mjolnir and wielding it for himself, but he eventually gets his own hammer, which is none other than Stormbreaker. Lady Sif and Beta Ray Bill share a close bond that eventually turns romantic, with Sif volunteering to accompany Bill on his ship, Skuttlebutt, as he battles demons.

With Stormbreaker already having a place in the MCU, introducing Beta Ray Bill and his romance with Lady Sif seems like the most logical step forward – and if they did decide to make their love story into a Disney Plus series, it wouldn’t be the first TV series centred around the Asgardians.

In 2021, Tom Hiddleston reprised his role as the God of Mischief for the series Loki, with wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey stuff meaning that he (kind of) cheated death once again. The series proved to be hugely popular, with a season 2 currently being filmed, so a Lady Sif series certainly wouldn’t be out of the question.

Meanwhile, you can find Thor: Love and Thunder in cinemas now.