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The Lost City 2 is “always possible”, say directors

The directors of The Lost City have revealed that there is always a chance that a sequel to their comedy movie could be made in the future

Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock in The Lost City

After the success and popularity of the comedy movie The Lost City, it should come as no surprise that the possibility of a sequel is being discussed by its directors. In a recent interview with The Digital Fix, filmmaking brothers Aaron and Adam Nee talked up the chances of a follow-up, and to the surprise of no one, Brad Pitt is at the heart of their ideas.

The Lost City starred Sandra Bullock as a romance writer who is kidnapped, and Channing Tatum as the cover model for her books, who sets out on a daring mission to rescue her. Brad Pitt had a cameo as a death-defying bounty hunter, and Harry Potter alum Daniel Radcliffe played the villain of the rom-com movie.

On the topic of a sequel to The Lost City, the brothers said: “It’s always possible. I think that one of the things that we were feeling was the movie is such a joyful escapist kind of a film. The movie should feel like a warm hug after you’ve been going through a hard time. It just should be this joyful escapist thing.”

As for where the sequel would go, well, that’s obvious isn’t it? “Aaron and I were just wrestling with the fact that Jack Trainer [Brad Pitt] – (Spoiler alert) – would be dead because it was like, We love that guy!”

“I just think that in this universe, somehow, that incredible man would have figured out how to survive. And so that the audience can leave with this like the last laugh and last feeling of goodwill. And also, it definitely teases that that would be a pretty amazing sequel of those three in some sort of situation.”

Sounds like Pitt should be expecting a call from his agent at some point in the future then. To be fair, he was probably the best part about The Lost City, so we would really hope to see him back for more.