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Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Holland did 40 takes on one Spider-Man scene

Jake Gyllenhaal has revealed that there where plenty of Spider-Man shenanigans on the set of the 2019 action movie Spider-Man: Far From Home

Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Holland did 40 takes on one Spider-Man scene

For many superhero fans, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man movies hold a special place in their hearts. However, despite the flicks being some of the best-received movies in the genre, the Spider-Man cast has shared that they weren’t always the easiest to film. Jake Gyllenhaal has revealed that while filming Far From Home with Spider-Man actor Holland, the two could barely keep from laughing – and struggled to complete one of the film’s smallest scenes.

In the 2019 movie, Far From Home, Gyllenhaal plays the Spider-Man villain Quentin Beck (aka Mysterio). In the action movie, he regularly manipulates a young Peter Parker, who, after the death of Tony Stark in Endgame, is subconsciously seeking a new mentor. Speaking with Buzzfeed, Gyllenhaal revealed that filming with Holland was tricky, given the two’s good relationship and sense of humour.

“I remember Tom and I not be able to hold…we couldn’t stop laughing when we first shake hands in the first scene when our characters meet,” the actor explained. “Every time I would come in and be like, ‘Hey, how are you? I’m Quentin,’ he would just start laughing — he couldn’t stop.”

“And so we both – 40 takes, we couldn’t get it,” Gyllenhaal continued. “In the movie, Jon Watts uses a millisecond of the shot because he couldn’t get anything usable.”

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Luckily, the two stars managed to stay serious enough to complete Far From Home, but it is heart-warming to hear the level of bromance that was on the set of the Spider-Man movie at the time.

Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio sadly met his end in Far From Home, so it is unlikely that we will see the two actors banter in a superhero movie again.

Fans can next hear Gyllenhaal in Disney’s animated movie Strange World which is set to release in November 2022.