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Quentin Tarantino really loves Peppa Pig

Academy Award-winning filmmaker, Quentin Tarantino, has revealed his love and admiration for the British animated series, Peppa Pig

Quentin Tarantino really loves Peppa Pig

Acclaimed filmmaker Quentin Tarantino has revealed that his taste when it comes to animated series leans towards anthropomorphic farm animals. Speaking to Empire, the director shared what he and his young son Leo enjoy watching together. Shockingly, the conversation led to Tarantino explaining what he believes is one of Britain’s best TV series – Peppa Pig.

During a conversation while promoting his upcoming venture, The Video Archives Podcast, the filmmaker shared how the first movie his two-year-old son Leo watched was Despicable Me Part 2. Tarantino explained how the experience of watching the animated movie with his son lasted for almost a week. “We watched it for 20 minutes, until it was time for him to go to the park, and then the next day we watched another 15 minutes of it,” the filmmaker said.

“And so, in the course of a week, in small bites, the first movie Leo ever watched was Despicable Me Part 2.” Tarantino describes the film as “a more consuming experience than, say, Peppa Pig”, before admitting his personal fondness for the British TV show.

“I actually do like Peppa Pig; I watch it a lot,” he said. “I’ll say it – Peppa Pig is the greatest British import of this decade.”

Before you ask, yes, the Academy Award-winning filmmaker really did call Peppa Pig the best “British import” for the US. And to be fair, he isn’t alone in his love for the kids show.

Peppa Pig was originally aired in 2004 and has been broadcast in over 180 countries. It has also won four British Academy Children’s Awards, and there is even a Peppa Pig theme park in Florida.

So yeah, Tarantino has plenty of Peppa Pig content to enjoy with his children for years to come. For more family-friendly fun, here is our list of the best kids movies of all time.