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Supreme Leader Snoke from Star Wars was based on Peter Cushing

It turns out the sequel Star Wars movies have a surpassing Easter egg from the original 1970s trilogy, with a Snoke and Tarkin reference

Supreme Leader Snoke in the Star Wars sequel movies

When it comes to the sequel Star Wars movies, many fans have had thoughts, opinions and theories over the years. However, one of the most discussed topics introduced in JJ Abrams’ 2016 science fiction movie The Force Awakens was the Star Wars character Supreme Leader Snoke.

Although we know now, thanks to the events of the Rise of Skywalker, that Snoke was actually a clone created by Darth Sidious (aka Emperor Palpatine), many sci-fi buffs couldn’t help but notice how similar he seemed to Grand Moff Tarkin from George Lucas’s original trilogy. Well, it turns out that despite Rise of Skywalker’s cloning explanation, the comparisons between the two villains are bang on the money.

In an interview with Force Material, designer and sculptor Ivan Manzella shared how Snoke was based on the appearance of horror movie legend Peter Cushing. For those who may not know, Peter Cushing played the role of Tarkin in the 1977 action movie – who was one of the film’s two central villains, with the other being Darth Vader.

“JJ [Abrams] mentioned a Hammer House of Horror doll. So I based him on Peter Cushing,” Manzella explained.

“When I did the maquette, there are elements in the cheekbone and profile. It wasn’t meant to be Cushing, but he was my Hammer reference.”

Although Snoke didn’t turn out to be Tarkin himself, fans will be pleased to know that they were somewhat right in all their observations. Albeit if it is just from an appearance standpoint instead of their expected Tarkin clone confirmation.

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