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Kevin Feige is the only one who knows the MCU’s X-Men plan

When it comes to the X-Men characters arriving in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, only one man knows the plan, and of course it's Kevin Feige

Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Anna Paquin, Alan Cumming, and Rebecca Romijn in X-Men

The MCU is relentlessly hurtling through Phase 4, and new stories and MCU characters are being introduced all the time, but when it comes to the X-Men’s arrival in the timeline, only one person knows the answer to that. As you may have guessed, Kevin Feige is the only person who could tell us what the plan is, but he is keeping it a secret.

Ever since Disney acquired Fox, it’s been clear that we would eventually see the X-Men characters appear in an MCU movie, but so far there has been very little mention of mutants in the Marvel universe. That is, until the Ms Marvel ending, when we finally got the first whiff of mutations being a part of the Marvel movie world.

Now, in an interview with TV Line, the executive producers of the latest MCU series, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, have confirmed that when it comes to the master plan for the mutant race, Kevin Feige is the only person who knows what’s going on. Beware, spoilers for the final episode of Ms Marvel lie ahead.

So, in the finale of Ms Marvel, it’s revealed that Kamala Khan’s powers are not just due to her magical bangle, but also due to a mutation in her genetic make-up. This moment is accompanied by a short sample of the X-Men animated series, the iconic ‘90s TV show.

“That was the best kept secret of the whole show. We didn’t even know about it until we suddenly had a script,” Arbi explained. “So, when we had it, we asked, ‘What’s that about? What’s going to happen?'”

“Kevin Feige would say, ‘just shoot this, put the little music on and that’s that. Should you be part of the future of Ms. Marvel, then you’ll know a little bit more,'” Arbi added.

Feige may be keeping information on a need-to-know basis, but as Fallah puts it, “Kevin Feige has the master plan. He’s the only one who knows.” Well, it’s worked pretty well so far!