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Jordan Peele’s Nope website puts you in the world of the movie

Jordan Peele has just launched an interactive website that is full of details and secrets to promote his upcoming thriller movie Nope

Jordan Peele’s Nope website puts you in the world of the movie

Jordan Peele’s upcoming psychological thriller movie, Nope, has just launched a fun marketing campaign that throws viewers into the mysterious world of the upcoming film. Taking to social media, the acclaimed filmmaker shared the site Jupiter’s Claim to followers.

Nope is the third film to be written and directed by Jordan Peele after his hit horror movies Get Out and Us. The upcoming feature’s plot is generally being kept under wraps. However, its trailers suggest that a UFO invasion may be its central plot point. Jupiter’s Claim is a setting in the flick that will be featured heavily throughout Nope. It is a fictional Western amusement park, that will likely become a hotbed of alien activity. The website shared by Peele appears to be an ordinary front for a park. However, the longer you spend on the page, the weirder and more creepy things get.

The cheery and bright colours suddenly become dark and ominous as readers stay online. However, this aesthetic change isn’t the only interactive element of the site. At the top of the page, viewers can click through multiple hubs that lead to some mini-games and show off more in-world movie details.

When readers click on the Bank hub, they are taken to the page of the fictional bank of Jupiter’s Claim and can play a game to win ‘Jangle’ (the game’s currency).

If viewers earn three Jangles, they can click on the Winkin’ Well tab and have the chance to crank the well and see what mysterious things happen. There is also a theatre tab, which shows visitors the poster for a fictional movie called Kid Sheriff.

The other three tabs consist of General Store, Star Lasso, and P.O. Box. All in all, the website is extremely detailed and immersive – making you almost believe that Jupiter’s Claim is a real place.

Although the website gives us a better idea of Nope’s setting, we will only be able to see the fictional amusement park for ourselves once the flick hits US theatres on July 22, 2022, and UK cinemas on August 12.