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MCU fans spot Ghost Rider in She-Hulk teaser

MCU fans believe they've spotted Ghost Rider in a new She-Hulk teaser, and it's kickstarted all sorts of speculation about the upcoming Disney Plus series

Nicolas Cage as ghost rider

The MCU is full of little hints and references to the wider franchise. Often, these are nods to MCU characters that are already on the big screen, but sometimes you get a glimpse of the future. Fans believe they’ve spotted Ghost Rider in a new She-Hulk teaser.

The footage, courtesy of Entertainment Tonight, is a behind-the-scenes look a the MCU series, with commentary and insight from writer Jessica Gao and star Tatiana Maslany. Among all the snippets we get, one eagle-eyed viewer managed to take a screengrab of a poster advertising some performer or other. The last name? Blaze.

In the comics, Johnny is famously known as Ghost Rider, a biker with a flaming skull for a head that deals out justice using an array of chains. Yes, he’s one of the most metal characters in all of Marvel canon, and he’s frequently as badass as he sounds. Anyway, this seems like a direct nod to the hero formally joining the MCU, after a couple of middling action movies, and a stint as part of Agents of SHIELD.

Now, it should be noted the first name definitely isn’t Johnny – there aren’t enough characters. It could be Jonny Blaze, or Donny Blaze, hinting at another person who took on the mantle, Danny Ketch.

Or maybe it’s an alias! The name Blaze is enough to set off all sorts of speculation, when it could be nothing more than a set designer having some fun. That said, it wouldn’t surprise us if it was a hint at something greater since Phase 5 and Phase 6 are coming to the MCU timeline and the latter has just three films in it thus far.

She-Hulk features Maslany as the eponymous hero, a lawyer who becomes big and green when she ingests some of Bruce Banner’s blood. It’ll be more of a comedy series than we’ve seen previously in the franchise, and Jameela Jamil, Tim Roth. and Mark Ruffalo are among the co-stars.

She-Hulks premieres on Disney Plus on August 17. Check out our list of the best drama series for more binge-worthy longform.