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Chris Pine has an adorable reason for making DnD movie

Chris Pine has shared the reason he wanted to make the Dungeons & Dragons movie, and it's all down to playing the game with his nephew

Chris Pine in Dungeons and Dragons

Since the release of a first trailer at San Diego Comic Con, excitement is hotting up for the new Dungeons & Dragons movie. And star Chris Pine, who plays the leader of a band of thieves, has a personal reason for taking the role in the fantasy movie.

Stranger Things and the release of the fifth edition of the game have led to a surge in popularity in what was once seen as the interest solely of 80s nerds. The movie has taken a while to get off the ground, but the trailer confirms that it’s really happening. Each character has their class assigned of course; Pine plays Elgin the Bard, Michelle Rodriguez plays Holga the Barbarian, Regé-Jean Page plays Xenk the Paladin, Justice Smith plays Simon the Sorcerer, Sophia Lillis plays Doric the Druid, and Hugh Grant plays Forge the Rogue.

Speaking on the DnD panel at SDCC, as reported by ScreenRant; “Pine says that his nephew is a huge D&D fan, and has made several campaigns before. During the movie’s casting process, Pine played a round with his nephew and his family, and Pine says everyone was so excited to take part in the session.”

“After playing, Pine says that he believes D&D should be played in every school, because it brings people together in an incredibly special way. Pine went on to say that he joined the Dungeons & Dragons film so that he could help spread the gospel of D&D.”

The renewed popularity of Dungeons and Dragons can be seen in web series such as Critical Role and podcasts such as The Adventure Zone. Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is set to hit cinemas in March 2023.

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