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Gal Gadot filmed a cut flashback scene for Furious 7

Gal Gadot, now the DCEU's Wonder Woman, filmed a flashback scene in Furious 7 that was unfortunately cut from the blockbuster action movie

Gal Gadot in Fast and Furious 6

Before she was Wonder Woman in the DCEU, Gal Gadot was a Fast and Furious character. She played Gisele in action movies Fast Five, and Fast and Furious 6 before dying and exiting the franchise. That wasn’t to be her only appearance, though, with a  planned scene in Furious 7 that didn’t make the cut.

The deleted scene, available through The Wall Street Journal, is a short look at what happened to Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) after an explosion left her with amnesia. Her journey to the facility where she recovered from the damage is detailed, and it’s revealed that Gisele was actually the only one who saved her, further entangling their history – la familia, and all that.

That’s pretty much it. Fairly cut-and-dry, and wouldn’t really add a huge amount to Furious 7 other than details that are superfluous. Do we need to know exactly how Letty recovered? Not really, we can infer such things. The link to Gisele is somewhat fascinating, but since Gadot’s now written out, it’s a connection that won’t go much further.

All of which is to say, this is one deleted scene that belonged on the cutting room floor. Sung Kang, who plays Han, also shot a scene that was cut.

He detailed what he filmed in an episodes of Sung’s Garage. It was another flashback at Dom and Letty’s wedding, where Han was the only one in attendance. More lovely background though it its, it still doesn’t add a lot to the plot of Furious 7. Sometimes scenes could’ve been a line of dialogue, like meetings that could’ve been an email.

Gadot seems to be gone from Fast and Furious for good, but Kang returns in F9, and he’ll be in Fast 10, coming May 19, 2023.