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Kevin Smith’s Clerks 3 trailer brings back Dante and Randall

The first trailer for Kevin Smith's Clerks III has been released, which brings Dante, Randall, Jay and Silent Bob back to the Quick Stop


The trailer for Kevin Smith’s comedy movie Clerks III has been released, with the movie going on a ‘Convenience Tour’ of the US starting in September. Dante and Randall are still working at the Quick Stop, and of course Jay and Silent Bob are still hanging around outside…nearly 30 years after the first Clerks was released.

The trailer starts with the gang playing hockey on the roof of the Quick Stop. Randall has a cardiac event (as Smith did in real life), giving him a wake-up call that all he does with his life is watch the same movies over and over. “I’m living on borrowed time. No more watching movies, I’m gonna make a movie!”

Things then get meta, as Randall starts to make a black-and-white movie set in the Quick Stop (ring any bells?). We see various celebrities (including Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ben Affleck) auditioning with Dante’s famous line; “I’m not even supposed to be here today!” When a customer suggests that Jay and Silent Bob could be characters, Randall compares them to C3PO and R2D2.

Randall says; “Jay and Silent Bob have been here since the first movie which is the last time they were cool. But they’ve been with the franchise so long, they still give them cameos and put them on the lunchboxes.” Randall also adds a scene where Dante gets shot and he protests saying; “you can’t kill me off in the third act! what if there’s a sequel?” Randall replies; “a sequel? what am I? a hack?”

You can watch the trailer for Kevin Smith’s latest here;

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