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Halloween Ends actor was traumatised by the practical effects work

It can't be easy to work on a horror movie, but Andi Matichak revealed she is traumatised by the practical effects that went into the new Halloween movies

Andi Matichak as Allyson in Halloween Kills

One would imagine that working on a violent horror movie can’t be easy for any actor, not least of all when it comes to the Halloween franchise. For young actor Andi Matichak, her experience of making the new Halloween movies has been traumatising, mainly due to the practical effects used in the production.

Halloween is one of the longest-running horror franchises, having started in 1978 with the original slasher hit, and the series is still alive and kicking today. There has since been multiple sequels, and a couple of reboots, too, with David Gordon Green’s latest trilogy essentially providing direct continuation from the first movie, thus rewriting the timeline of the deadly killer Michael Myers.

In a recent interview with KTLA, Matichak discussed what it’s like to be a part of bringing such an iconic property back to the big screen, shared her thoughts on what she’s seen of the latest instalment, and also revealed how seeing all the practical effects work involved in making Halloween Ends has traumatised her.

“Personally, I absolutely love [the movie],” Matichak said. “It’s really David Gordon Green’s stamp on the franchise, and I’m very grateful to be included in it.”

“I think that we have such incredible filmmakers involved in it that everything is done really well,” the actor continued. “The practical effects are pretty incredible that Chris Nelson does and seeing that is always incredibly traumatising.”

To be fair, any practical effects artist on a horror movie would definitely regard their work being described as “traumatising” as a compliment, so the team must be doing something right.

The Halloween Ends release date is set for October 14, 2022, just in time for spooky season.