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The Wilds season 3 isn’t happening and we need a minute

Bad news for all you young adult TV series fans, Prime Video and Amazon Studios have announced that The Wilds season 3 won't be happening

The Wilds season 3 isn't happening and we need a minute

Everyone who was anxiously waiting for the reveal of The Wilds season 3 release date, I’m sorry, but we have some bad news. According to Deadline, the young adult TV series is leaving Prime Video and following season 2 – which premiered on May 6, 2022 – the survivor drama won’t be renewed for another instalment.

Often described as Lost for Generation Z, The Wilds followed a group of teens stranded on an island after a plane crash. The young gang struggled to adapt to their situation, which was later revealed to be far more sinister, and, dare we say, even planned. The Wilds was an important part of Prime Video’s commitment to YA content when its first season was released in December 2020.

It was the first YA series to premiere on Prime Video and the first to get the greenlight for a second season. Deadline didn’t disclose the streaming service and Amazon Studio’s official reasoning behind the cancellation of the show, but did suggest “reaction to the teen drama has been more subdued since its return” in May.

Since the two-year gap between The Wilds’ first and second season, plenty of YA content has come about to fill the void, such as Showtime’s 2021 drama series Yellowjackets.

Prime Video also remains committed to YA series, even after abandoning a potential The Wilds season 3. Shows include The Summer I Turned Pretty, and the animated series The Boys Presents: Diabolical, and Invincible. So, fear not, there’s still a slew of entertainment at Prime Video subscribers’ disposal – with or without The Wilds season 3.

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