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Matrix Resurrections concept art explains Neo and Trinity’s revival

Artist Emmanuel Shiu reveals concept art for The Matrix Resurrections, answering one of the movie's biggest questions in the process

Matrix Resurrections concept art explains Neo and Trinity’s revival

One of the biggest questions brought up in the science fiction movie, The Matrix Resurrections, has been answered. Concept art from the 2021 film, shared by artist Emmanuel Shiu via social media, has been posted online and hints toward a missing scene explaining Neo and Trinity’s appearances. In the shared pics, fans can clearly see how exactly both the characters were revived for the 2021 sequel.

In the third Matrix movie, Matrix Revolutions, released in 2003, we saw Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Trinity (Carrie-Ann Moss) meet their maker. So, you can imagine everyone’s surprise to see the two back, alive and kicking, for the follow-up film The Matrix Resurrections. The latest entry in the franchise explains that The Analyst (Neil Patrick Harris) brought the two back to life by creating a new version of the all-consuming virtual reality – The Matrix. Neo and Trinity were trapped in creepy sci-fi pods, as The Analyst resurrects both while rebuilding the dystopian system.

Now with the newly revealed concept art, we can see exactly how The Analyst took a crack at this sci-fi necromancy. Sharing four pictures, Shiu showed followers how the two’s bodies were stitched back together while hooked up to some biotech-looking machines.

You can see the original Tweet below:

Along with the series of pictures, Shiu went on to praise the film as “Hands down the best project” he has worked on. Despite being a box-office bomb, only grossing $156 million worldwide against a budget of $190 million, The Matrix Resurrections is full of stunning visuals.

The flick received a nomination for Best Visual Effects at the 75th British Academy Film Awards, with the above concept art being a testament to the crew’s impressive vision.

While it would have been fun to see the scenes of Neo being stitched together on the big screen, the concept art’s exclusion from the final cut of the Matrix Resurrections doesn’t take away from the overall spectacle of Lana Wachowski’s long-awaited sequel.