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Pedro Pascal shares Din Djarin’s new role in The Mandalorian season 3

Pedro Pascal has opened up about Din Djarin's new role in The Mandalorian season 3 and how fun it's been to explore new sides to the bounty hunter

Pedro Pascal revelas Mandalorian season 3 details

Pedro Pascal has opened up about Din Djarin’s new role in The Mandalorian season 3. Pascal has said that the third season of the Star Wars series will see the titular bounty hunter struggle to come to terms with his position as the leader of the Mandalorian race.

“If he is stepping into a leadership position, he’s reluctant to do so,” Pascal told Total Film [via GamesRadar]. “I don’t think that there’s anything more interesting than a character being forced into discovering what they’re capable of and who they are.” Pascal added that he’s found this new dimension to the character “really, really fun”. Adding that, finding the Djin’s subtle character development across the different seasons has been satisfying.

Din became the leader of the Mandalorians in the final episode of season 2. After a duel with Moff Gideon, he claimed the Darksaber – a lightsaber wielded by the Mandalorian ruler – in combat, inadvertently making himself the Mandalorian’s new leader. Din tried to give the sword away, but because it must be won in battle, he’s kind of stuck with it for now.

While Din didn’t mean to win the lightsaber, (and really doesn’t want it), it still alienated him from several of his allies, including Bo-Katan who was hunting the sword. Katee Sackoff, who plays Bo, admitted that her character will be forced to reevaluate things in the third season.

“Anytime you have a goal, and you don’t succeed, I think you reevaluate,” Sackoff told Total Film. Beyond that though he wouldn’t reveal anything more about Bo’s character arc through the third season.

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