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Thor: Love and Thunder - Does Jane die?

Does Jane die in Thor 4. Thor's love interest returns in Thor: Love and Thunder as Mighty Thor, but many are wondering about her ultimate fate

Thor: Love and Thunder - Does Jane die?

Does Jane die in Thor: Love and Thunder? Jane Foster makes a triumphant return in the Phase 4 movie but with a twist — the God of Thunder’s ex-lover isn’t just worthy of Mjolnir, but actively wields it — which gives her the power of Mighty Thor.

Consequently, she joins Valkyrae and Thor in defending Asgard and its citizens from the looming threat of Gorr: The God Butcher — and can certainly hold her own when it comes to defeating people in battle. However, there’s a tragic backdrop to Jane’s sudden surge in power. As in the comics, Jane, in the Marvel movie, is drawn to Mjolnir after discovering that she’s battling cancer. This leads to her deciding to wield the hammer in the hopes that the power of Mighty Thor will lead to her being cured of the disease.

In the comics, using the hammer leads to her cancer treatment being effectively wiped, and she ends up dying — but Thor and Odin channelled the God Tempest that was contained within the hammer and revive her — leading to the character having a second chance of life. Yet, Feige is known to deviate from comic storylines on occasions, so the question is, does Jane die in the MCU? This guide will explain just that.

does Jane have cancer in Thor: Love and Thunder?

Unfortunately, as in the comics, Jane Foster is diagnosed with cancer in Thor 4. It isn’t specified what type of cancer she has, but we know it’s Stage 4 — the most aggressive form of cancer — and that it’s not responding to chemotherapy treatment.

When she was told by doctors that there was nothing more they could do, and to get her affairs in order, Jane was drawn to Mjolnir, which had previously, inadvertently by Thor, been instructed to protect her.

This meant the remnants of Mjolnir rejoined and when Jane visited new Asgard, she was able to summon the hammer and wield it with the power of Mighty Thor.

Does Jane die in Thor: Love and Thunder?

Similar to the comics, while wielding Mjolnir gives Jane temporary strength and power as Mighty Thor, it doesn’t cure her cancer.

In fact, it makes it worse — she’s using all of her strength to wield the weapon, meaning she has no strength left to fight the cancer and respond to any other treatment.

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After a battle with Gorr in the Shadow Realm, she is persuaded by Thor to relinquish the hammer in order to try and fight the cancer.

However, she decides to use the last of her strength to instead wield Mjolnir one last time, helping Thor defeat Gorr before succumbing to her cancer and dying in his arms.

Does Jane come back to life in Thor: Love and Thunder?

While Jane is revived by Thor and Odin in the comics, it looks like the MCU plans for her to stay dead.

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While she was hesitant to enter Valhalla (an afterlife for the honoured dead) in the comics, she enters it fully in Thor 4’s post-credit scene, being welcomed and comforted by Heimdall.

Thor: Love and Thunder is now available to watch in theatres.