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Thor: Love and Thunder - Who is Hercules?

The super-strong Olympian God and son of Zeus, is an important part of the Marvel comics, but after Thor 4, we're all asking who is Hercules

Who is Hercules: Zeus in Thor 4

Who is Hercules? After appearing in the post-credits scene played by Ted Lasso star Brett Goldstein, it looks like the Olympian, along with Zeus (Russell Crowe) will be making his way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the near future.

He doesn’t appear in Thor 4, but his father Zeus, played by Russell Crowe, plays a fairly large role in the movie. After refusing Thor’s request for help in defeating Gorr, the God Butcher, he attempts to hold Thor captive and nearly kills Korg: destroying his body. However, Thor, the Mighty Thor, and Valkyrie later overpower him, with Thor stabbing and appearing to kill Zeus with his own weapon.

But then, in the post-credit scene, an alive-but-injured Zeus laments how superheroes have become worshipped in the way Gods like him used to be, and that he doesn’t just want revenge on Thor — he wants to bring superheroes down. He tasks son Hercules with this in the closing moments of the post-credit scene, setting up a future for the pair in the MCU. So now’s the time to answer the question: Who is Hercules?

Who is Hercules?

In the Marvel comics, Hercules mostly follows Greek Mythology: he is a demigod and part Olympian, which means he has powers such as Godlike strength and stamina, immortality, regenerative healing and invulnerability: making him immune to all forms of conventional human injury.

These powers were amplified further because Goddess Hera breastfed him. According to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Avengers 2004 #1, the only way to kill Hercules is to either incinerate him or make sure his molecules are “dispersed enough.”

He can also be killed by the Blood of Hydra, but cannot be killed by any conventional means. In the comics, he is shown to be as strong as Hulk, matching his strength and combat during the ‘World War Hulk’ saga, and is said to be even stronger than Thor.

Hercules once said in the comics: “Whatever Thor canst do – Hercules can accomplish more mightily!”

How does Hercules fit into the MCU?

With Zeus sending him after Thor and the rest of the heroes, it is unclear when exactly Hercules will pop up next — but when he does, it will probably be in a villain role.

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In the comics, he is initially rivals with Thor before later coming onto his side. So, with the movie assuring us that “Thor will return,” it seems likely that he will be the Big Bad in either a future Thor movie or in another film wherein Thor heavily features.

You can watch Thor: Love and Thunder in theatres now.