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Clue starring Ryan Reynolds is still in development

In case you were wondering, the Clue movie is still in development, and Ryan Reynolds is still attached to star in the movie based on the board game

Ryan Reynolds in The Adam Project

Ryan Reynolds sure is a busy man, with big movie projects coming out of his ears; having just appeared in the time travel movie The Adam Project on the streaming service Netflix, the actor also has Deadpool 3 and Red Notice 2 on his plate. If that wasn’t enough, it’s also been confirmed that the wheels are still in motion for a live-action adaptation of the Clue board game, with Reynolds in a leading role.

Clue, or Cluedo for British readers, is basically a game of whodunnit where players follow a set of clues to discover who committed a murder. To bring that to the big screen will essentially be something similar to a detective movie like Knives Out, merged with the Among Us game, for those who are familiar. This would be the second iteration of a Clue movie, after a version was brought to life in the ‘80s.

Screenwriters Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick were speaking to Discussing Film recently, to talk about all their upcoming projects, including the aforementioned MCU movie Deadpool 3, and their plans to collaborate with Ryan Reynolds again on the Clue movie, which is still moving ahead.

“We’ve written a draft of Clue, and it’s still in development over at [20th Century Studios],” Rheese explained. “So it’s sort of bumping forward, whether it becomes a movie or not is generally in the hands of the movie Gods and not ourselves,”

On the likelihood that Reynolds will be the star man to lead the project forward, Rheese was pragmatic: “Ryan’s schedule is a busy one, so he has to choose among many projects.”

“We’ll see if Clue ends up coming to fruition, but it’s something we all care pretty deeply about,” Rheese continued. “It’s a fun old movie that I think has passed into memory generationally, but for the people who do remember, it was a blast! We would love to take a crack at bringing it to life again.”