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Ryan Reynolds paid for a urinal dedicated to It’s Always Sunny star

Ryan Reynolds dedicated a urinal to his Wrexham AFC co-owner Rob McElhenney, complete with a plaque bearing his face and a beautiful inscription

Rob McElhenney in Always Sunny

If you’re not a sports or specifically a football fan, you may be unaware that Ryan Reynolds and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Rob McElhenney have taken over a struggling Welsh football club called Wrexham by investing £2 million of their own money at the end of 2020. Their cash injection helped the club make it all the way to the FA Trophy Final in May 2022.

Reynolds celebrated this achievement as only he knows how, by unveiling a urinal – we presume at the club, and not just like, in one of their houses – dedicated to McElhenney. The urinal now bears a plaque with a photo of the Always Sunny star staring intently and doing something of a ‘Blue Steel’ pose. The inscription reads; “This urinal is dedicated to Rob McElhenney – on his birthday April 14th. With love from Wrexham AFC. Paid for by Ryan Reynolds.”

On May 28, 2022, McElhenney tweeted a photo of the urinal with its plaque, and said; “Took this baby for a test spin and it was magnificent.” Reynolds replied with; “I find the heavy eye contact soothing.”

Reynolds and McElhenney drew laughs from footy fans for celebrating an offside goal at the FA Trophy Final, showing that they clearly have more to learn about the beautiful game. They could, of course, brush up by watching episodes of Apple TV’s Ted Lasso, which features an American coach taking over a London-based football club.

Wrexham isn’t Reynolds only business investment, he also owns a gin label and a mobile phone company – look out for plenty of product placement in the next Deadpool movie, we guess.

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