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Ant-Man explains why he didn’t just go up Thanos’s ass, yes really

Scott Lang, aka Ant-Man, has finally addressed why he didn't go the extra mile up Thanos's butt in the Marvel movie Avengers: Endgame

Ant-Man explains why he didn't just go up Thanos's ass, yes really

Scott Lang, aka Ant-Man, has finally addressed fans burning questions regarding his character’s actions (or lack thereof) in the Marvel movie Avengers: Endgame. In the 2019 flick, we were introduced to the mega villain Thanos, and it appeared that no hero, Asgardian god or green monster alike, could defeat the new big bad of the MCU.

However, amid various battles that saw Hulk, Thor, and Doctor Strange overpowered, there was one Avenger who didn’t face off against Thanos directly – Ant-Man. Many fans have theorised that if Scott shrunk down to his tiny form, crawled up Thanos’ butthole and then transformed into Giant-Man, the purple big baddie would have been defeated. It has been a theory that the fandom has been stewing over for years, but apparently, this simple solution isn’t as straightforward as we may think.

During a Marvel-themed interactive dining experience on the Disney Wish cruise line called Avengers: Quantum Encounter, a recording of Paul Rudd along with his co-star Evangeline Lilly was shown. In the charming clip, Rudd addressed “the elephant in the room” and set out to put all our butthole concerns to rest.

“Before we start, let me address the elephant in the room,” Rudd said. “I’ve heard a lot of chatter out there asking why I didn’t shrink down, go in, and uh, kill Thanos in a really creative way.”

“First of all, gross. Secondly, it’s much more complicated than that – allow me to explain,” he continues, before his co-star, Lilly, cuts him off, saying: “If only, we had the time!” Probably a good call considering Thanos’ ass isn’t a great conversation topic for a dining experience.

While we never got a firm answer directly from Marvel, it seems like, in theory, this ass assassination strategy would have worked. Maybe we will see Scott give us a proper explanation in his next cinematic outing in the Marvel movie Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania – set to release on February 12, 2023. Stay tuned for updates.