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Spider-Man and Daredevil to lead MCU street heroes, says Kevin Feige

Marvel boss Kevin Feige had a busy weekend at SDCC, where he announced that Spider-Man and Daredevil will lead the MCU's street-level action

Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock in Daredevil

The character of Daredevil has had quite the journey since the turn of the millennium, but Kevin Feige finally confirmed he will well and truly become part of the MCU moving forward, and he will have Spider-Man to help him out, too. At San Diego Comic-Con 2022, Marvel boss Feige revealed that MCU characters Daredevil and Spider-Man will be the key to the street-level action in the comic book movie world.

Spider-Man actor Tom Holland has been the face of Spidey in the Marvel movies since his first appearance in Captain America: Civil War back in 2016, and looks set to continue his work beyond Marvel’s Phase 4. Charlie Cox however has had a more difficult path, having first played Matt Murdock in the Daredevil TV series on streaming service Netflix before that show was cancelled.

More recently, Cox had a cameo in the latest Spider-Man movie, and it was also confirmed at SDCC that he will lead his own series for Disney Plus. In an interview with MTV News at SDCC, Feige confirmed Daredevil has a big part to play in the future of the MCU.

“We’ve got the street-level with the announcement of Daredevil and of course, Spidey going into the street-level heroes,” Feige said. The MCU chief explained how there are essentially three strands to the universe now; the multiverse, the supernatural, and the street-level heroes.

It’s an exciting development, and we can’t wait to see more Daredevil. The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen was by far the most fascinating element of the Defenders universe on Netflix, so it’s no surprise that Feige is moving forward with Cox’s iteration of the character.

To combine Daredevil and Spider-Man is something fans have long craved, with the pair forming a great partnership in the comic books. It remains to be seen which MCU series or MCU movie we will first see them take to the streets as a hero double act.

With all the plans in place for Marvel’s Phase 5 and Phase 6, we imagine there will be ample opportunities to see the duo kicking ass very soon! We already know that Daredevil will feature in the upcoming She-Hulk series, too, so there’s not long to wait!