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SpongeBob Squarepants has a shockingly high kill count

SpongeBob Squarepants might be a charming Nickelodeon anaimated series, but it turns out living in Bikini Bottom is surprisingly lethal

spongebob kill count

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Death. Although SpongeBob Squarepants is known by many to be a light-hearted animated series about a fun-loving absorbent sea sponge, the TV series has recently gone viral on Twitter as fans question just how lethal Bikini Bottom really is.

According to the List of Deaths Wiki on SpongeBob Squarepants (the most reliable of sources), a total 879 fish have met their maker on the show, with a further 130 dying horribly in the various animated movies that have spanned out of the franchise. In season 1 alone, Twitter user The Art of Spongebob estimates that the titular character killed a total of 107. Bear in mind that there’s a total of 13 seasons, it’s surprising that his kill count hasn’t broken the thousands yet.

“SpongeBob has a kill count that keeps me awake,” one Twitter user wrote. As netizens tried to reconcile their childhood hero with unspeakable acts of violence, some of his most deadly moments in the show were reshared and went subsequently viral.

Spongebob’s lust for blood has been evident since season 1 episode 8 ‘Sandy’s Rocket,’ with the squirrel-scientist referencing SpongeBob’s “little mishap with a whirlybird” before pointing to a garden laden with hundreds of gravestones.

You might think mass murder was enough for SpongeBob, but it wasn’t. In Season 8 episode 8, ‘Bubble Buddy Returns’ he somehow inadvertently commits genocide on an entire bubble society, killing not just the men, but the women and the children, too.

That being said, perhaps SpongeBob was merely following in the footsteps of Bubble Buddy, who in his first appearance in season 2 episode 23, callously lets a fish buried in the sand be encompassed by the tide and drown to death. However, he does, at least, manage to make it to the other side.

Yet, despite SpongeBob sometimes acting with accomplices, he always appears to commit his most heinous acts alone: from mass-infanticide towards a bunch of baby clams because, and I quote he “wants to fuck a Krabby Patty,” to wiping out the whole of the universe.

As evil as Thanos was, at least he kept half of it. How twisted do you have to be to get rid of the whole thing?

Nonetheless, SpongeBob’s reign of terror continues. You can watch it on the streaming service Paramount Plus.