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Iron Maiden approves of Eddie from Stranger Things

Stranger Things has bagged the attention of another iconic '80s music group as Iron Maiden react to Eddie Munson's music taste in season 4

Iron Maiden approves of Eddie from Stranger Things

Stranger Things season 4 has seen many legendary ‘80s musicians go viral. Kate Bush’s single ‘Running Up That Hill’ became the public’s obsession since featuring on the show, and Metallica’s track ‘Master of Puppets’ also received shout-outs on the popular Netflix series. Now iconic metal band, Iron Maiden, has taken to social media to voice their reaction to being among the ’80s stars mentioned in the show.

In the last season of Stranger Things, fans witnessed a scene where Eddie Munson (played by Joseph Quinn) holds a cassette tape of Iron Maiden’s 1983 album ‘Piece of Mind’. In the sequence, the teen confidently asserts, “This is music!” Thanks to Quinn’s hilarious delivery of that line, the clip has taken the internet by storm and even caught the attention of the legendary rockers themselves.

Taking to Twitter and Instagram, Iron Maiden posted a screenshot of the scene featuring Eddie holding the cassette tape to its followers. Along with the pic of the musically inclined teen, the band captioned the post: “We’re with you, Eddie!”

We are sure if Eddie weren’t fictional, he would be absolutely overjoyed with Iron Maiden’s approval.

Besides promoting the band’s music, the character also showcased Iron Maiden via the patches on his leather jacket. However, although they may not be Eddie, we are confident that the writers of Stranger Things must be equally as thrilled by the band’s public approval too.

Eddie himself is kind of an Iron Maiden Easter egg in Stranger Things season 4. The album he holds up, ‘Piece of Mind’, has the band’s long-time mascot on the cover, which is funnily enough called “Eddie The Head”. So yeah, needless to say, Eddie’s love for Iron Maiden was planned and probably shared with the creative team.

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