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Taika Waititi confirms Thor 4 Dwayne Johnson Easter egg

Thor: Love and Thunder is full of countless Easter eggs thanks to ambitious plans by Taika Waititi — including one reference to Dwayne Johnson

korg thor

Korg, who is voiced by Thor 4 director Taika Waititi, was a breakout character following their first MCU appearance in the adventure movie Thor: Ragnarok. Born on the planet Ria, Korg is a Kronan, a semi-humanoid being whose form is made out of various rocks and boulders.

When we meet Korg in Ragnarok, he is enslaved by the Grand Master and forced to become one of his champions on the planet Sakaar. It is here he meets Thor and Hulk, and with them finally escapes Sakaar: helping Thor on his quests and staying by his side ever since, from keeping him company during his post-snap depression to joining him on his adventures with the Guardians of the Galaxy. He continues to be a key ally to Thor in Love and Thunder, and it is here that we get to learn more about Korg’s personal life.

After a run-in with Zeus nearly kills him, Korg stays behind on New Asgard while Thor faces Gorr for the last time — and it is there he meets fellow Kronan, Dwayne. The two fall in love and have a baby by holding hands over the lava pit.

After the fantasy movie was released, several fans pointed out the irony of Korg’s boyfriend being named Dwayne, given that he’s, you know, made of rock and all. This led to a tweet going viral where Dwayne was edited to look like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, which caught the attention of Love and Thunder director and Korg voice actor Taika Waititi.

In response to the viral tweet, wherein the user wrote, “The fact Korg’s boyfriend was called Dwayne,” Waititi confirmed that the boyfriend’s name was always designed to be a reference to the wrestling legend turned action movie star, tweeting, “No coincidence, baby.”

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