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Dwayne Johnson shares trailer for upcoming Netflix action movie starring Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot

Dwayne Johnson shared the first trailer for the upcoming Netflix action movie Red Notice starring Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has just shared the first trailer for his upcoming Netflix action movie Red Notice. Boasting a stellar cast, the film stars Johnson as Interpol’s top profiler, who’s forced to team up with an international co-artist (Ryan Reynolds) to stop the world’s greatest art thief (Gal Gadot). It sounds bonkers because it is, but it also looks like a hell of a lot of fun.

Johnson shared the trailer on social media. “A Red Notice for the two greatest art thieves in the world. Hunted by the FBI’s top profiler,” he tweeted. “Three of the best at what they do. And the greatest conman the world has never seen, Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds, and I bring you Netflix’s biggest film on November 12.”

Red Notice marks the third time Johnson has collaborated with the Rawson Marshall Thurber, who previously directed Central Intelligence and Skyscraper. Universal was originally going to release the globe-trotting adventure movie, but they sold the rights to the streaming service Netflix in 2019.

The Rock wasn’t bothered about being sold to a streamer, though, if anything, he was ecstatic and posted on Instagram saying Netflix executives trusted the Red Notice team implicitly.

“Our movie, Red Notice (about the world’s greatest art thief, an FBI profiler and the world’s greatest con man) is the biggest investment Netflix has made thus far. Thank you for the trust and commitment. My handshake is my word,” he wrote. “Our accountability to Ted [Sarandos] & his team to deliver for Netflix and most importantly, deliver something great for my one and only boss – the audience/consumer worldwide. Let’s get back to work. This is a fun one.”

Netflix executive Scott Stuber recently told Variety that projects like Red Notice are the lifeblood of the service. We have to be more consistent at making these movies more culturally relevant and putting them in the zeitgeist,” Stuber said. “We know the audience is there for these movies, but I want people to feel that impact in their conversations with friends and colleagues where they’re saying did you hear about this movie ‘Old Guard’? We’ve done it, but we haven’t done it consistently.”

Red Notice hits Netflix on November 12.