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Batman 1989 grappling hook coming from NECA in October

Grapple around like Michael Keaton from Tim Burton's Batman

Batman 1989 with grappling hook

If you’re planning as dressing as the Dark Knight for Halloween, NECA has you sorted with a screen accurate grappling hook. The replica, based on Batman 1989, is available for pre-order, with an October release date.

First thing’s first: yes, you can fire it. A battery-powered motor will retract the built-in two meters of rope. We would advise against trying to use this in place of a ladder, though, despite the craftsmanship. It’s seven inches in length, has a foldable handle, and the rook is removable, so you can just ping rope at people to annoy them without taking their eye out.

The 1989 Batman Grapnel Launcher will retail for $35, and is available for preorder through Entertainment Earth. This is the second replica NECA has produced this year based on Tim Burton’s classic thriller movie, after putting out Michael Keaton’s Batarang back in March. Soon we’ll have Keaton’s full batsuit get-up to live out our Gotham City fantasies. With any luck NECA also has a Batmobile in the works, encouraging us all to make even worse financial decisions.

While nostalgia for Burton’s Batman is a thing, this also ties into Keaton’s triumphant return as the caped crusader. He’s taking on the cowl, grapnel and all, for The Flash next year, along with Ben Affleck’s Batman. Keaton’s spoken positively about filming the DCEU movie,  saying that it felt “shockingly normal”.

We don’t yet have any footage of The Flash, but we have been getting murmurings from Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Filming is well underway on the James Wan-directed sequel, Jason Momoa has a new suit, and Patrick Wilson has a new beach bod. The second Aquaman is due in theatres December 16, 2022.

The Flash is coming to the big screen November 4, 2022. If you’d like more DC shenanigans, here’s how to watch Arrowverse in order.