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New One-Punch Man anime short produced and released by manga artist

Saitama is on the run for some nice dinner in a new One Punch Man clip

One-Punch Man

A new One-Punch Man short has been released, put together by manga artist Yusuke Murata. The anime series clip is a stopgap Yusuke created in his spare time, while we wait for more of Saitama’s misadventures.

The video opens with Saitama destroying a monster in a single swing, before discovering a food menu offering an awesome special offer. Our hero, always on the hunt for a good meal at a better price, absolutely legs it to take advantage, high-tailing it over fields, roads, lakes, and whatever else is in his way. He still has time to walk an old lady across the street, of course, because he’s a superhero after all.

Unfortunately, a meet and greet with another hero is going on when he reaches the store, and he finds the bargain is now over. Defeated, he collapses. In comes Genos to save the day, having dutifully picked up some take-away for two, and our glorious heroes stroll off into the sunset, to have a lovely meal together. Aw!

Though the animation is a little crude and rough around the edges – and has no sound – it’s still great for something Yusuke managed to throw together on his own. In the tweet containing the upload, he apologises for the ongoing delay on the next chapter of the One-Punch Man manga.

Chapter 23, dubbed ‘Authenticity’, was released back in January in Japan, with the official English translation coming in October. This eight month gap between releases is the longest in the manga’s history, but with the pandemic and all, such things are to be expected. Yusuke’s short is a welcome reminder he and creator One are still working away on Saitama’s world.

We’re currently none the wiser on season 3 of the Netflix TV series adaptation of One-Punch Man. It took four years to get from the first season to the second, though, so we just have to wait for more as it happens. Here are the best anime movies, to give you more glorious sequences to ogle at.