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Sex Education season 4 cast, trailer, plot, reviews and more

Sex Education season 4 has finally arrived on Netflix, and we're not ready to say goodbye. Here's everything to know about the cast, trailer, reviews, and more.

Sex Education season 4: ruby and otis

Who’s in the Sex Education season 4 cast? It’s been a while since we last caught up with our favorite sex-crazed teens and their just-as-chaotic teachers and parents. Now, the final season of Sex Education is here, and it’s sadly the last.

Although Sex Education has evolved since its first season, one of the best TV series on Netflix still centers around Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield), who, having inherited his mother’s talent for sex therapy, teams up with school misfit Maeve Wiley (Emma Mackey) to open an underground sex education clinic at their school.

With no Moordale at the end of season 3, we were all anxious to know what was next for Otis, Maeve, and their peers in the final installment of one of the best Netflix series. Here’s everything we know about the Sex Education season 4 cast, trailer, reviews, and more.

Who’s in the Sex Education season 4 cast?

Asa Butterfield, Emma Mackey, Ncuti Gatwa, and Gillian Anderson all returned for Sex Education season 4, and we even saw some new faces join the cast. 

Unfortunately, Simone Ashley, Tanya Reynolds, and Patricia Allison were all confirmed to not be reprising their roles in the final season of the series. That said, we had plenty of big names to make up for it, including the likes of Dan Levy and Jodie Turner-Smith.

Here’s the Sex Education season 4 cast list:

  • Asa Butterfield as Otis Milburn
  • Gillian Anderson as Jean Milburn
  • Emma Mackey as Maeve Wiley
  • Ncuti Gatwa as Eric Effiong
  • Connor Swindells as Adam Groff
  • Kedar Williams-Stirling as Jackson Marchetti
  •  Aimee Lou Wood as Aimee Gibbs
  • Mikael Persbrandt as Jakob Nyman
  • Mimi Keene as Ruby Matthews
  • Chinenye Ezeudu as Viv Odusanya
  • Sami Outalbali as Rahim
  •  Dua Saleh as Cal Bowman
  • Chaneil Kular as Anwar
  • Dan Levy as Thomas Molloy
  • Thaddea Graham as Sarah Owen
  • Marie Reutherin as Ellen
  • Felix Muftiin as Roman
  • Anthony Lexa as Abbi
  • Alexandra James as Aisha
  • Reda Elazouar as Beau
  • Bella Maclean as Jem
  • Jodie Turner-Smith in an unknown role

Sex Education season 4 release date: Emma Mackey as Maeve Wiley in Sex Education

Sex Education season 4 release date and reviews

All episodes of Sex Education season 4 finally dropped on Friday, September 21st, 2023, on Netflix. The reviews so far have been mixed, but most are saying that it’s an ideal send-off.

That said, others argued that there was too much wrapping up to do, which left the final season feeling bloated and messy. Our own Charlotte Colombo loved the ending, however, and said in her Sex Education season 4 review that “it felt like each and every character, for the most part, got a satisfying end to their respective story arcs, giving those crazy kids from Moordale the send-off they deserve.”

Elsewhere, The A.V Club‘s Manuel Betancourt wrote: “there’s a sense of finality that brings the show’s themes of inclusion, acceptance, self-love, and self-improvement full circle,” while The Daily Beast‘s Fletcher Peters said: “While Sex Education does stumble with a lot of changes in its fourth season, the show does, eventually, hit its stride near the end. Isn’t that what teenagerhood is all about too—figuring life out after big changes?”

Sex Education season 4 release date: Asa Butterfield and Ncuti Gatwa as Otis and Eric in Sex Education

What is Sex Education season 4 about?

In Sex Education season 4, Otis and Eric experience a culture shock at Cavendish Sixth Form College, and Maeve struggles to fit into her new American life.

While Otis sets out to establish a new clinic at Cavendish and fit into his new school, he’s still pining for Maeve and struggling to adjust to having a new baby sibling. As for Jean, she struggles to find joy in motherhood.

Joining Eric and Otis at Cavendish are Viv and Jackson, with the former struggling with the college’s laid-back vibe while the latter remains heartbroken over the end of their romance with Cal. Speaking of Cal, they’re struggling with dysphoria, and they’re pushed to the very edge.

Finally, over in America, Maeve is “living the dream” at Wallace University under the tutelage of author Thomas Molloy — a new character played by Schitt’s Creek‘s Dan Levy. However, things don’t turn out quite the way she wants when she receives some harsh feedback on her writing.

Will Maeve return to Otis, or will she stay in America? That’s the big question of the final season, and while we won’t spoil it for you here (our Sex Education season 4 ending explained does the job for us), we will say that it’s an ending we couldn’t be happier with.

Sex Education season 4 release date: Kedar Williams-Stirling as Jackson in Sex Education

Is there a Sex Education season 4 trailer?

The full Sex Education season 4 trailer dropped on September 12, 2023, and provided a closer look at the emotional turmoil of the new season.

All in all, it gave us a great insight into the usual cringe that we’ve come to expect from these confused teens and showed us everything we should prepare for when it came to the new and final season. There are plenty of new loves, old problems, and continuing adventures. Check it out for yourself below!

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Where can I watch Sex Education season 4?

You can watch Sex Education season 4 in the same place you watched the other three seasons, on Netflix, where it streams exclusively!

As a Netflix original, the streaming service is the only place you’ll be able to watch the show. So, while you wait, why not catch up on the story so far? You’re probably going to watch the new season all in one go, so when you’ve done that, check out everything else new on Netflix this month!

Sex Education season 4 release date: Connor Swindells as Adam in Sex Education

How many episodes does Sex Education season 4 have?

There are eight episodes of Sex Education season 4, following the pattern of other seasons before it.

The series has had eight-episode runs in previous seasons, keeping all four seasons consistent, and bringing the grand total of episodes to 32.

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