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Michael Myers of Halloween attends 6-year-old’s birthday party and she loves it

A viral video shows the star of the Halloween franchise Michael Myers as the guest of honour at a 6-year-old's birthday party

Michael Myers appears at a 6year olds birthday party and she loves it

Michael Myers forgets his slasher ways for a day and decides to make a young horror movie fan’s birthday the best ever. In a new and (shockingly wholesome) viral video, we see the star of the Halloween franchise surprise a young girl, who is delighted that the famed killer made it to her party.

That’s right, instead of screaming in fear, Michael Myers made someone squeal with joy. The viral video was shared by the Twitter user @vxmpyra, who captioned the post: “My daughter is in love with Michael Myers lmao. He came to her birthday party, she heard the Halloween theme song and started looking for him.”

The cute clip shows the birthday girl looking around while John Carpenter’s iconic spooky score plays in the background. Finally, Michael Myers reveals himself, and the girl runs to him, clapping. She then proceeds to hug the cold-blooded killer before poking his famous washed-out mask. The adorable post gathered mass attention from the horror community on social media, and was even shared on Instagram by one of the Halloween franchise’s main stars, Jamie Lee Curtis – who famously plays Laurie Strode in the thriller movies.

Michael Myers made his killer debut back in 1978 in John Carpenter’s movie Halloween. Since then, the character has been the central subject of the franchise’s numerous (now non-canon) sequels – except for Halloween III: Season of the Witch. The serial killer’s next cinematic murder spree will be in Halloween Kills.

The upcoming action movie is the direct sequel to David Gordon Green and Blumhouse’s 2018 reboot Halloween. Halloween (2018) served as a sequel to the original ‘70s film and effectively retconned all the previous Halloween sequels.

Halloween Kills is expected to release next month on October 15 across cinemas in the UK and US. The flick will also be available to watch on the streaming service Peacock for US viewers on the same day as its theatrical release.