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Seth Rogen’s mum has best reaction to him playing Donkey Kong in new Super Mario Bros movie

Seth Rogen's mum publicly reacts to the star's casting as Donkey Kong in the Super Mario Bros. movie, and it's hilarious

Seth Rogen's mom reacts to news of his casting as Donkey Kong in the best way

Following the news from the latest Nintendo Direct, fans were excited to finally get an update on the new Super Mario Bros. movie, and learn that the upcoming animated movie had chosen to replace the videogame’s long time voice actors in favour of Hollywood A-listers. After learning of her son’s casting as Donkey Kong, Seth Rogen’s mum, Sandy Rogen, took to social media and tweeted a hilarious reaction to the news.

Donkey Kong was one of Nintendo’s first hit characters following his debut in 1981, giving us Mario (then unnamed), and spawning a franchise in his own right. He has also been the subject of multiple TV series such as Donkey Kong Country and Saturday Supercade. Much like the rest of the world after hearing Nintendo’s news that Seth Rogen would be the next actor to voice the iconic character, Sandy Rogen was at a loss for words. I mean, it isn’t every day you find out that your son will be playing a famous ape, right?

“My Son is Donkey Kong!” she wrote. “Don’t really know what to say about that.” Her post have left many fans wondering if it was teasing, if she was disappointed about the casting news, or if she is truly confused by the fact that her son is partaking in the whole barrel hurling primate thing. However, since we are talking about Seth Rogen’s mum, we are leaning towards the option that the post was intentionally hilarious.

Seth Rogen has yet to publicly respond to his mother or comment on his casting for the family movie. Alongside Rogen, Chris Pratt will voice Mario, Charlie Day will voice Luigi, Jack Black will voice Bowser, and Anya Taylor-Joy will play Princess Peach.

We don’t have a trailer, or even an official title for the new Super Mario movie just yet, and plot details are still being kept under wraps. However, we do know that the Super Mario Bros movie is expected to release in theatres on December 21, 2022. While we wait on more news from the Mushroom Kingdom, why not look over our list of the best adventure movies of all time.