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No Time To Die director calls out Sean Connery’s Bond

Cary Fukunaga, director for No Time To Die, calls out Sean Connery's James Bond for his treatment of women

No Time to Die director calls out the past James Bond character played by Sean Connery

Cary Fukunaga, director of the upcoming spy movie No Time To Die, has specifically called out the version of James Bond played by Sean Connery for his treatment of women. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the director said Connery’s Bond’s controversial behaviour in the 1965 thriller movie Thunderball “wouldn’t fly” by today’s standards.

In the film, we see agent 007 trying to kiss Patricia Fearing (Molly Peters), who continually rejects his persistent advances. During the scene, Patricia asks Bond not to report her to her superiors, to which Bond replies: “Well, I suppose my silence could have a price.” The scene escalates further with Patricia saying, “You don’t mean… Oh no.” Bond replies with “Oh yes.” The agent then proceeds to remove Patricia’s clothing after essentially herding her into a steam room.

“Is it Thunderball or Goldfinger where, like, basically Sean Connery’s character rapes a woman?” Fukunaga asked. “That wouldn’t fly today.” Long-time Bond film producer Barbara Broccoli also discussed the eyebrow-raising history of Bond and how his portrayal needs to change.

“I think people are coming around – with some kicking and screaming – to accepting that stuff is no longer acceptable. Thank goodness,” Broccoli said. “Bond is a character who was written in 1952, and the first film [Dr No] came out in 1962.”

Fukunaga’s upcoming iteration of Bond is an action movie that will see women empowered and sport equal power dynamics between Bond, played by Daniel Craig, and his partners. No Time to Die stars Lashana Lynch (Captain Marvel) as one of the main characters alongside Craig. It is speculated that she will inherit the 007 designation at the end of the film. However, both Broccoli and Craig have stated that they don’t support the idea of a female Bond, saying that new roles need to be written for women instead.

Only time will tell what Bond’s future and all his relationships will look like. No Time to Die is set to release in the UK on September 30, and on October 8 in the USA.