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Woody Harrelson hated this awful wig he was made to wear

Harrelson has a new hairdo for Venom 2, and it's because he wasn't a fan of the his hair in the first

Woody Harrelson in Venom

We can all agree Woody Harrelson’s wig in the first Venom was the best part of the action movie, right? Well, unfortunately, the man himself doesn’t see the appeall, and his disdain was at least part of the reason it’s not in Venom 2.

Talking to Collider  about the thriller movie, Harrelson explained some of his thoughts on Cletus Kasady’s foppy curls. “Well, I didn’t like that wig,” he laughs when asked about the fate of the hair-piece. “I wasn’t dazzled by that wig, so I definitely wanted a different wig.”

To jog your memory, at the end of Venom, Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock is invited by Harrelson’s Cletus to conduct an interview about all the bodies he’s buried. When Eddie gets there, he’s met with what amounts to mostly nonsense, except for one little morsel right at the end, when Cletus promises that when he gets out, “there’s gonna be carnage”, setting up a symbiote battle for the second. Anyway, the whole time, he’s wearing this very obvious red wig, and it steals the entire scene.

None of the trailers featured Harrelson sporting the do, and he had a more slicked back look for the science fiction movie. Probably for the best, really, but we can’t help but lament what could’ve been if Harrelson had enjoyed wearing it as much as we enjoyed watching it.

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Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage has Eddie Brock’s Venom face Cletus Kasady’s Carnage, and the cast includes Michelle Willaims, Naomie Harris, Reid Scott, and Peggy Lu. Andy Serkis is directing, taking over from Ruben Fleischer on the first.