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Margot Robbie and Christina Ricci were in a TV series you never saw

Margot Robbie is the star of the hour with the Barbie movie, so we were surprised to hear she was in a TV series with Christina Ricci most have never heard of.

Margot Robbie as Laura in Pan Am

Margot Robbie is everywhere right now. And if you haven’t seen her name floating around, you’ve probably been under a rock, because Margot Robbie is making waves with her performance as the world’s most famous doll in the Barbie movie.

But although she’s starred in one of 2023’s best movies (just read our Barbie review to find out more), that doesn’t mean her filmography is completely blip-free. And among her already lengthy collection of best Margot Robbie movies and shows, there’s one piece of her puzzle that’s a bit of a flop, mostly because nobody really remembers it.

And it’s not just her. Christina Ricci of Yellowjackets fame also starred in this short-lived small screen tale. So, if we’re not talking about one of the best TV series ever made, then what are we referring to? Well, it would be none other than the period drama Pan Am.

Based on the world of Pan American World Airways, the drama series starred Ricci and Robbie as airline stewardesses. The series would follow the various stories and conflicts of the cabin crew of the airline, which might have made for some cool stories.

Unfortunately, there was only ever one season of the series, which ran in 2011. So, there’s not much to watch. Pan Am might have been innovative in that it mainly focused on the stories of the female characters within the show (at first), but it wasn’t enough to mark it as anything special.

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Generally, critiques around the show focused on the lack of realism when it came to the historical retelling of the period in which it was set (the 1960’s). Some historical inaccuracies included the fact that nobody on the show was seen smoking, and that the overall feel of the period had been romanticized.

But the series didn’t seem to have too much of an impact on Robbie or Ricci’s character, since both would go on to great things. Robbie after all went from serving peanuts on planes to starring in the DCU, one of the best Martin Scorsese movies (the very year after Pan Am, as a matter of fact), and in one of the most highly anticipated new movies of 2023. She’s flying.