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There’s a joke in every episode of The Simpsons you’ve never noticed

We've been watching The Simpsons for decades now, but there's a very obvious joke in the opening credits of the animated series that everybody has missed.

Homer Simpson in The Simpsons

You’d think that after more than 30 years, we’d have discovered all there is to find in The Simpsons. However, the best animated series of all time has a hidden joke that no one even noticed.


The classic comedy series has given us some of the best cartoon characters ever created, and some of the best gags of all time, too. From Homer’s ability to do the stupidest thing possible in any given situation, to Bart’s hilarious prank calls, and The Simpsons‘ endless stream of brilliant supporting characters, the show is a treasure trove of entertainment.

Now, thanks to a book by Mike Reiss titled Springfield Confidential, we have learned that a recurring joke was hiding in plain sight in the opening credits of The Simpsons all along.

No, we are not talking about the iconic couch gag. Before the Simpson family take their seats and the show begins, the opening title card contains a very simple yet appropriate joke.

Reiss wrote: “Since season one, January 1990, each Simpsons episode begins with a joke that is missed by tens of millions of fans in hundreds of millions of viewings. When the title card emerges from the clouds, you see the first half of the family’s name, ‘The Simps’, before the rest of the word.”

The opening title card of The Simpsons

As you can see, Reiss is absolutely right. But what does this feature of the ‘90s TV show mean?

“Well, ‘Simps’ is short for simpletons – stupid people – like the ones you’re about to see in the show. If you never caught this, don’t feel bad; most of our current staff didn’t know it either,” Reiss added.

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