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Jamie Foxx admits he lied about one of his worst movies

Jamie Foxx admits that publicity and interviews aren't always completely, as when he had to promote a particular action movie he once starred in.

Jamie Foxx in Django Unchained

We all know the Hollywood game when it comes to blockbuster action movies. Every production is the best movie of everyone’s careers, and a dream to be a part of. Jamie Foxx got candid about the whole circus during an interview once, and there was one picture he remembers being deceptive about.

“Sometimes you do a movie and you have to go promote it,” he recalled to Hollywood.com back in 2007. “So on Stealth I was like, ‘Yeah, this is the greatest.’ And people would see me after seeing the movie and say, ‘I can’t believe you lied to me like that’.”

In the thriller movie, Foxx is a fighter jet pilot who helps to develop an AI drone before taking the very same machine when it goes rogue. Comparisons to Top Gun were rife, and they’re not far wrong, except it’s nowhere near as good. Stealth wasn’t exactly warmly receive, in fact, it was one of the worst movies of 2005 according to both critics and the box office.

Foxx may have had to do that press tour through gritted teeth, but he wasn’t the only one. Rob Cohen, director of the adventure movie, has since talked about how little he regards Stealth.

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“Fast And Furious can be what it is as a story, but in the end, it was a fun summer ride; XxX was a fun Summer ride,” he told Den of Geek in 2008. “And Stealth was not fun. It was not as entertaining moment-to-moment as the other two had been, and what I think you need for a movie in the summer.”

Since he was in the director’s chair for the first Fast and Furious movie and the first xXx, he knows a thing or two about good popcorn films – well, for the most part. Check out our guide to the James Bond movies if this has you wanting some higher quality explosive fun.