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Sons of Anarchy star Tommy Flanagan was “heartbroken” by the ending

Tommy Flanagan played the loyal vice-president to Jax on Sons of Anarchy, and he was so gutted when the series ended in 2014, he was hoping for a movie spin-off

Tommy Flanagan in Sons of Anarchy

Scottish actor Tommy Flanagan, who played the loyal Chibs on Sons of Anarchy, was holding on to the hope that the successful series about California bikers would get seven-seasons-and-a-movie. Now that it’s almost a decade since Sons of Anarchy ended, this is not looking likely for poor Tommy.

Speaking to Brisbane-based Australian newspaper The Courier Mail in 2015 (shortly after SOA ended), Flanagan said; “I’m still getting over it, are you kidding me? We’re all heartbroken. I met some of the best friends of my life on the show.”

Flanagan was a popular member of the Sons of Anarchy cast; “We rode motorcycles to work every day and rode them home. We had a good laugh… it was a wonderful ride and I’m sad it’s over. I wish we could do more. There could be a movie; we never saw Jax [Charlie Hunnam] getting killed.”

Flanagan did say that he wanted a change from Chibs after the series ended; “I decided I had to break away from this fella (his Sons of Anarchy character) for a while. I want to produce and direct, but I’ll always be an actor.”

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Flanagan was in Australia for a Pop Culture Expo in Melbourne and the Gold Coast and said; “I can’t wait to say hello to the Aussies. Apparently we [Sons of Anarchy] have crazy fans. Russell Crowe [his Gladiator co-star] tweets me and texts me about it. The fans are f***king insane but God bless them. People love this show.”

Flanagan also name-dropped another famous Aussie; “I’ve always wanted to go to the Gold Coast. When I worked on Braveheart, Mel (Gibson) was always telling me ‘you’ve got to go to the Gold Coast; it’s fun up there.’ Aussies are always fun. There’s no such thing as a boring Aussie; they don’t exist. You’re all crazy and f***ing mad.” And that’s a high compliment, coming from a Scot.

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