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Florence Pugh can’t control her iconic frown, but we’re very glad

We all love Florence Pugh for her starring roles in the likes of Little Women and Black Widow, but it's her absolutely iconic frown that always steals the show.

Florence Pugh in Midsommar

Florence Pugh has many talents and an incredible range. She’s an Oscar nominee, having starred in some of the best movies of recent years. But one thing she can’t do is control her iconic frown. You know the one. It looks a bit like a banana, or a crescent moon on its side.


Whether it’s in Little Women, Black Widow, or (most recognizably) Midsommar, whenever a Florence Pugh character is sad, her face can’t help but tell you. And it turns out, Florence Pugh can’t control it either. Her face just makes that shape and she simply can’t help it.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1, Pugh shared her curse. “Whenever I’m sad… it’s when the tremble comes. I don’t even mean to do it, it’s just genuinely something my face does when I start feeling sad.”

Continuing on she said, “I remember a boyfriend of mine once when we would argue or when I’d be sad, I’d be like [pulls frown] and my whole mouth would be quivering… my whole bottom mouth would be quivering and dimpling.”

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So next time you see Pugh pulling that face, know she can’t control it. It’s just something her face does! And to be honest, we’re glad. It’s totally great.